This certificate has been developed with the specific purpose of rewarding educators for their use of technology before, during or after the COVID quarantine period.


During the Covid pandemic, teachers rallied to the effort of continuing to provide quality education to their students.  Most teachers adopted new practices and tools rapidly and efficiently and learned new methodologies.  This flexibility of adaptation and extra effort can now be captured and rewarded in the IPICT Certification.   


By signing up to submit for this certification, you will receive a verified certification which proves your ability to work with the latest online teaching technology and pedagogies. 


Your assigned assessor will guide you throught the evidence requirements and submission process.  Once we receive the necessary evidence, we work towards issuing your certificate swiftly enabling you to prove your modern teaching experience on your CV. 

Certificate in Delivering Effective Remote Education

  • Upon your submission,  our assessors work swiftly to verify your evidence against the certification criteria.  Most certificates are issued within 1 week. 

  • This certificate (along with 2 others) counts towards the additional EPICT International Bronze Level Award.