The definitive qulaification for all teachers. Conforms to Government and OFSTED guidance. Testing the Educator's knowledge and ability to deal with incidents of cyberbullying, intimidation or abuse professionally and successfully. 


Online and Mobile Technologies present exciting opportunities to enhance both learning and teaching. Harnessing the positive benefits of technology means educators are provided with innovative systems and tools to add to their professional repertoire.

This certificate considers ways in which to balance benefits and risk, ultimately leading to a safe and productive educational experience for the children and young people involved.

Participants are encouraged to explore ways in which online safety tools, systems and new methods of working can be used to help ensure children are better protected when online and/or using mobile technologies.


 An increased awareness of current and potential threats to a child or young person when using online and/or mobile technologies.
 An improved ability to identify areas and issues, existent within the school and/or the wider student’s environment, which require to be considered when ensuring children’s wellbeing online.
 An increased knowledge of esafety methodologies, support and best practice guidance.
 An improved ability to apply appropriate, practical esafeguarding precautions within a teaching and learning environment.
 An enhanced understanding of recommended responses to safety breaches and incidents including reference to specialist advice and support.

Keeping Children Safe Online Certificate

  • Collating and organising your evidence may take you up to 8 hours. Upon your submission, our assessors work swiftly to verify your evidence against the certification criteria. Most certificates are issued within 1 week.