The Dark Web Explained - Free Resource for Parents and Teachers

The Dark Web Explained, created by the National Crime Agency in collaboration with the Children's Society and the Marie Collins Foundation, contains a short informational film and accompanying factsheets for professionals, parents and carers.

The resource features a short film which provides key information on:

  • what the Dark Web is;

  • why young people might want to go on it;

  • what to do if a young person has accessed it

To supplement the film, there are two factsheets, one for parents and carers and the other for professionals, to provide further information and guidance.

How should it be used?

The Dark Web Explained resource has been created to help equip professionals, parents and carers with the tools to be able to have effective conversations with young people should an issue arise. It is not appropriate to share with children and young people.

We do not want to encourage conversations with young people around the Dark Web unless it is known that the young person has been on the Dark Web or has an interest in accessing it. View the Resource here

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